About us

This website is owned and managed by The Scripophily Center.

The Centrum voor Scriptofilie BVBA (or Scripophily Center in English) was incorporated in 1984 by Erik Boone as the world's first truly international auction house for historic share and bond certificates. Over the years, the Scripophily Center has gained an unrivalled reputation for quality offerings, professional worldwide service and top expertise in the field of antique bonds and shares.

Today we have three major activities:

A. we organize two large live auctions each year in Antwerp (Belgium). See www.booneshares.com.

B. We do significant buying & selling throughout the year. See our webshop: www.scripocenter.com.

C. Our most recent service to the collector community is the managing of third-party collections, as can be seen on this website: www.scripocollections.com. On this website, first class collections will be on view. These collections are a) for direct sale, or b) for sale in our auctions, or c) seeking new additions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss the management of your collection by us (scanning, listing, pricing, marketing, web-publishing,...). Note that we only accept collections which are, at least, top 3 in their field.

Best regards,

Mario Boone